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The first time I read The Alchemist, it felt magical. Whereas the second time, I truly understood the idea behind this magic.
This story talks about he who goes after that one thing in life and achieves it no matter what.

Cliche? Stay with me.

That one thing may take everything else away from you , all the things and people you love.
It tests you time and again. Makes you question everything. Do you still continue to work towards it? Are you still undefeated?
In that case, you’re on your way to your destiny. The one and the only thing you truly want. Rest are mere distractions which guide you away from that one thing. To figure out what it is, is only in your hands.
“People know, very early in their lives what it is that they want”

This story is simply beautiful and teaches you more quantitatively than the mere 177 pages. Something you’d carry with you, your entire life. Even if you don’t agree with such perspective, give it a read with an open mind. For the magic always happens outside the comfort zone!

Lines from the alchemist that struck a chord with me:

Have I convinced you to read the book yet? :P

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