The Yin-Yang Image

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A poemish piece I once wrote. Any similarity to life itself is unintended.

Image a

I’ve always believed in the yin-yang ideology. The fact that our good is always equal to our bad. The fact that our suffering is always equal to our happiness. It should be all balanced.

And if it isn’t, we cease to exist.

With this in mind, the peaks too come with depressions. I, although am not a fan.
I’d rather be high or low, strong or weak, the uncertainty kills me. I cannot live with mediocrity.

This emotion pushes me to give up. Makes me realize about the fact that I’ll always be swinging in between throughout, not having an inch of power over it, not knowing what to do, where to go. The delicate moments of happiness or otherwise passing by me in a flash, as I watch slowly, not being able to interpret, or feel or react as I’m supposed to.
The human reactions expected of me, I just cannot comply.
Though the things that make me actually feel, I’d never want to let go of them.

Image b

ONLY THE FITTEST SURVIVE. Charles Darwin has nearly convinced me that nothing is impossible for the determined. This theory gives me strength, makes me entirely forget the first image of balanced highs and lows. Makes me want to fight, fall and overcome. Makes me stand strong through it all, for you have no one else, but you!

A chart of an individual whose life follows this theory is mostly bullish with a few drops, that is the life I crave. Where I unwaveringly move towards my goal, my dream. This theory is what keeps me up at night, makes me want to wake up early. Makes me give my very best.

There are a thousand implications to this. Image a in all probabilities can be true. The destiny might indeed be written. Or maybe we’re in a simulation. Maybe we’re tested before we escalate to Level 2. Maybe it is the oxygen causing the hallucinations as proposed by an infamous theory.

Nevertheless, I will ignorantly refuse to believe anything but the survival of the fittest theory, anything not good enough to give us a reason to continue to live with a purpose.




I read science & history books in my free time. I also like food, fashion, travel & photography

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Akshata Lolayekar

Akshata Lolayekar

I read science & history books in my free time. I also like food, fashion, travel & photography

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